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Communicating in a Crisis

How to talk to families after a tragedy

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Working to heal families and bring an end to workplace tragedies

Stories of Hope

Threads of Life participants and supporters are working to prevent future tragedies by telling their stories and making sure everyone understands why workplace safety is important.

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“Many times I have questioned whether it was worth it to go through the pain of all the procedures, of the constant memories, the flash backs and the uncertainty of whether I would get back to the person I was before the incident. I feel like I’ve lost 10 years. Then I think of the day I was present at my first family forum. At dinner that first night there is a ceremony of remembrance, where the family members of individuals affected by workplace injuries, occupational illness and fatalities honour the memory of their loved ones and the event that changed their lives forever. During that ceremony I realized that my family wasn’t on its own. I wasn’t on my own. Other people were feeling the things we were feeling, they were going through similar situations and dealing with the same situations we were.”

-Nevin Di Julio was injured by a spill of burning hot oil at a potato processing plant

If today is an average working day in Canada

Three workers die today

3 Canadian workers will be killed on the job or die as a result of occupational disease

Hundreds injured today

Hundreds will be seriously injured or made ill because of work

Thousands affected today

Thousands of families, communities and workplaces will be affected

Ten Ways to Make Your Workplace Safe for Everyone

Ten Ways to Make Your Workplace Safe for Everyone

Is your workplace safe for everyone, including police, fire and EMS who might have to attend during an emergency?   Not sure? Here are ten simple ways to help you find out: Take a good look around your workplace. Right now. Close your eyes. Imagine you are a...

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Day of Mourning: Ripples on the pond

Day of Mourning: Ripples on the pond

I’m not the best at skipping flat stones across water, but I’ve had a few multiples – the stones that ricochet off the water several times before finally sinking into the depths. It’s absorbing to watch the ripples move out from each point where the stone contacted...

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Steps for Life: 4 top reasons to register today!

Steps for Life: 4 top reasons to register today!

(And a bonus reason!) But here’s why you should wait no longer – today’s the day to go online and make it official! Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy is the top public, national health and safety event in the country.

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