2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Annual Report is now available for download! (PDF)


Hot off the press: Summer issue of Threads

The summer issue of Threads is online! To read this issue, download the PDF here.
To receive future editions by mail or email, subscribe here.


The History of Threads of Life

Take a look back at the first 10 years of Threads of Life (PDF).


Steps for Life

Steps for Life walks brought brightly-dressed crowds to parks and trails across Canada this May,
with many communities surpassing their fund-raising goals! A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers who made the events happen, and all the participants who demonstrated their
commitment to health and safety by raising money and walking. Looking for Steps for Life updates? Visit stepsforlife.ca!


Thank you to our incredible volunteers

Our volunteers are what makes Threads of Life the great organization it is!
We’d like you to hear our thanks!
>> Messages for our volunteers >>


Safety makes sense, but it makes cents too!

Making Cents of Safety” is a chance for Threads of Life members and supporters to make sense – and cents – of safety by contributing to a health and safety culture shift. Donations will support the Threads of Life vision of a world in which workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses are unacceptable. Just set up a change jar and fill it up with loonies, toonies, and other spare change. >> FIND OUT MORE >>

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