Have you or a loved one been affected by a workplace fatality, life-altering injury, or occupational illness? You’re not alone.

Threads of Life welcomes everyone. We’re a safe place to land for anyone dealing with the aftermath of a workplace tragedy. Through donations, we provide supportive programs and services to help people along their journey of healing. If you’re looking for support, start here.

How can we help you?

Are you new to Threads of Life? Please join us for a free online introduction to learn more about how we help families cope. We know there are many challenges involved in healing or living with the outcome of a workplace tragedy. We will provide an overview of our programs and services, which are available at no cost to anyone seeking support. Click here to register.

  • July 27 at 1pm Atlantic, 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific
  • August 21 at 8pm Atlantic, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific
  • September 21 at 1pm Atlantic, 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific

FamiliesConnect through Online Workshops

Learn, share and connect with others

For those directly affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease, Threads of Life offers our series of online workshops, FamiliesConnect. Each month there’s a new topic, led by knowledgeable facilitators and joined by a supportive community.

Volunteer Family Guides

A personal connection to a trained volunteer who has gone through a similar experience, understands, and offers one-to-one support.

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What kind of training do Volunteer Family Guides receive?

Using a 10-module resource guide that was developed in partnership with Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), participants proceed through an in-depth training program that includes:

  • principles of grief
  • active listening
  • story listening
  • communication skills
  • healthy coping skills
  • self-care
  • a snapshot of the legal and inquest process, and
  • an overview of how to work with existing community resources

Volunteer Family Guides are members of Threads of Life who volunteer their time to help others living with the consequences of a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease. The guides are far enough along on their journey that they are able to offer support to others who may be just starting.

Guides provide support by listening on the phone, meeting in person for a walk (if geographically feasible), or chatting via email. Along with peer support, volunteer family guides also link members to other community organizations.

Every guide goes through intensive on-site training to become peer support providers. They learn how to draw on their own “life story” to help another through their journey of healing.

To connect with one of our trained volunteer family guides, please email Karen Lapierre Pitts, Manager – Family Support, at [email protected], or phone 1-888-567-9490.

Trained Volunteer Family Guides

“My volunteer family guide was an integral part in supporting me through my husband’s inquest. Her insight provided me with an outline of what would occur during an inquest, and most importantly, how my voice could be heard. Her wisdom, guidance and warm heart offered clarity in a confusing legal system made up of paper pushing and jargon. I was able to get through this with her unwavering support.”

Family Forums

An opportunity to meet with other families, while learning healthy coping skills, active listening, and how to help each other in a community of support.

Family Forums bring families affected by a workplace tragedy together to share, network and, ultimately, heal.

At these special events, spouses, parents, siblings and close friends gather to learn coping skills for grief, active listening skills, tips on how the occupational health and safety system works, self-care, and so much more.

“It is our safe haven, a place to cry, to share, to heal and to grow. The bonds we make are strong and unite us in our purpose. Some are new and fragile in their personal journey and others who have travelled the path search them out to lend a hand and walk beside them. We reserve this time to reflect on all things lost but never forgotten. We fortify and draw strength from each other and deep bonds of friendship are forged.”

Group of people at a Family Forum

Prevention and Awareness

Provide opportunities to promote workplace injury prevention and awareness and take part in building a culture of safety.


Sharing our stories through the Speakers Bureau

Joining the Speakers Bureau

Volunteers share their personal stories at workplace health and safety events, conferences, schools and post-secondary institutions. Threads of Life provides training and coaching to all members of our speakers bureau.

Woman speaking into microphone
Family wearing yellow Steps for Life t-shirts

Leading the Way with Steps for Life

Participating in a local Steps for Life Walk

Families, friends, co-workers, employers, health and safety professionals, and others come together for an annual memorial walk for awareness and fundraising. At Steps for Life, one can make a difference for families affected by a workplace tragedy!


Our newsletters are our touch point for our families and partners. Families, friends, partners, and supporters will all find timely and relevant content in our print and electronic newsletters.

Additional Resources

Threads of Life believes strongly in the value of information, and of sharing our stories, to help achieve our mission of healing families and eliminating future tragedies. Here are some additional resources available for workers and their families, as well as for employers, and health and safety professionals.

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