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Forever 21

Jonathan came into this world on April 4, 1983 full of life and never stopped living that way. Jonathan loved anything with a motor. The faster it went the better it was. He was a typical young boy who grew up wanting bigger and better things for himself.

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Volunteer Profile: Trevor Wieler

On Steps for Life walk days in Calgary, as in other walk communities across Canada, volunteers mingle with Threads of Life family members, with community members and with sponsors. And it’s those moments that are the most memorable for Trevor Wieler, chairman of the Calgary walk committee.

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Winter Memories

Winter is here and with the cooler air, I remember how the chill always affected Jim’s breathing. My husband, Jim, was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma and the colder air, while welcome after the summer heat, was always more difficult for him to enjoy.

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A Resolution of Permission

Ah, January, the beginning of a-new! A new year, and for many the time to start working on a new ‘you’. I am sure many of you – much like myself – have this grand vision of starting a workout routine – one that will stick this time.

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Many hands help meet the need

Over 2018, we’ve been highlighting the many ways our partners and sponsors contribute to Threads of Life’s vision and mission by growing awareness, growing our volunteer base and growing our participation. The fourth piece of the puzzle is growing our revenue.

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Volunteers: Threads in the Quilt of Threads of Life

Society has always benefited from volunteering. The idea of people giving their time and talents to help others with no expectation of receiving payment in return is timeless. What has changed is our attempts to quantify the value of volunteers, so that we can fully appreciate the magnitude of their contribution to our local and global community.

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