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A truly international Day of Mourning

It is time for a vacation. For several years we have discussed going on a cruise with our close friends. We finally made that happen. The decision to take a Panama Canal cruise seemed like a good idea and we investigated options and made our choices. There were several ports in different countries and we had to sort through options for day tours. They all sounded so exciting, with new things to see and do.

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Volunteer Profile: Paulette Raymond

Paulette Raymond knows how powerful words can be. Paulette is a writer—from the time she was very little, she used poetry to process any pain she experienced. So it’s no surprise that her reason for volunteering with Threads of Life is to share her story with others.

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Another beginning

By their nature and definition beginnings are the start of something new. Long ago there was the beginning of my hearing loss which has progressed to the point of limiting earlier pleasures of concerts and public events.

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Building a Safe and Strong Farm for my family

Whether in a city, town or on a farm, raising a family is a challenge no matter where you call home. When raising a family on a farm, the experience isn’t just challenging; it is also incredibly rewarding. But what makes raising kids on a farm so rewarding, is also what makes it the most challenging. That’s because raising children on a farm means they grow up where we work.

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Forever 21

Jonathan came into this world on April 4, 1983 full of life and never stopped living that way. Jonathan loved anything with a motor. The faster it went the better it was. He was a typical young boy who grew up wanting bigger and better things for himself.

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