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A Win-Win-Win on Facebook Fundraising

Social media can definitely have pros and cons, like many things, but a feature that Facebook has added over the last year is all pro in my books! Facebook Fundraisers were added late in 2018 for Canada and have taken over the social world since. Although we had heard about them, we did not jump at the opportunity right away. We wanted to make sure we had all the facts and that any issues that may arise from a new launch were taken care of before we got involved.

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Summer Fun … and Fundraising!

Support is heating up on the greens! We’ve had a flurry of fundraising activities this summer with companies, organizations and groups out to enjoy the summer sunshine and support families affected by workplace tragedy. That has meant a number of well-attended and successful charity golf tournaments in Alberta and Ontario who have all chosen to donate funds raised to Threads of Life. Thank you all for your support!

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Volunteer Profile: Jennifer Ruszkowski

Helping to run a complex event like Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy can be pretty absorbing. The day of the walk brings a million details to oversee. But for long-time Saskatoon Steps for Life volunteer Jennifer Ruszkowski, taking a moment to talk to the families participating makes it all more meaningful.

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More than just one day

July 24 marked International Self-Care Day. Dedicating a day to celebrating self-care and what it can do is certainly beneficial—for some people, maybe this day will be the first time that they will hear about self-care. Over the past month, we’ve explored the many different facets of self-care.

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You-shaped self-care

Over the past few years, as self-care has risen in popularity, it has also risen in complexity. With products, classes, activities, and recommendations coming from every direction, it can feel really challenging to weed through everything and see what’s right for you. It can feel hard to even know what self-care is.

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