Image of a woman's face. In the background are faint coloured squares and a logo that reads Tapestry of Hope.Today we are shining a spotlight  on Liz Webley, a long-time family member and member of our newly launched monthly donor club, Tapestry of Hope.

Liz’s journey with Threads of Life began nearly two decades ago after the tragic loss of her husband, Dick Van Rooyen, who was killed while working on Highway 401 with his road construction crew. Later, when her second husband Fred Webley was diagnosed with a work-related lung disease, she continued to lean on the support and community she had found.

Below, Liz talks about her connection to Threads of Life, what it has meant to her over the years, and why she has chosen to be a member of the Tapestry of Hope, providing ongoing support for our programming.

Connection to Threads of Life

Along with her then-husband Fred, Liz participated in the second-ever Steps for Life walk in Toronto in 2006 and neverlooked back. She became one of organization’s pioneering volunteers – first as a Volunteer Family Guide and then speaker. She felt called to mentor other widows in particular to help them process their grief. Liz reflects, “Over the years I was a Volunteer Family Guide for 28 widows. It meant so much to me because in helping them, I was also helping myself. For that I’m forever grateful.”

Becoming a member of the Tapestry of Hope

As she has witnessed the organization’s growth to a nationwide presence, Liz has remained deeply grateful for the continuous impact and essential role Threads of Life plays in the lives of those affected by workplace tragedies.

Being able to support this continued growth has motivated Liz to become a recurring monthly donor. She sees her ongoing contributions as a means of ensuring the organization’s longevity and its ability to continue to reach families from coast-to-coast.

She explains, “Seeing Threads of Life expand has been so great. It goes to show not only what an amazing organization it is, but also how much it is needed. Threads of Life has been such a huge support in my lifetime and I’m so glad that more families will be able to have that support too.”

Threads of Life plays A legacy of support

Liz views her ongoing donations as a legacy of support that transcends her own lifetime. She emphasizes the fact that while workers are still being injured, made ill, or killed on the job, Threads of Life is still needed.

She says, “It’s not just about my loss, my widowhood, or even my lifetime. Workers and their families are still suffering, and I want to make sure they know about Threads of Life and how it can support them. That’s the main reason it’s important to me to provide ongoing support.”

As a proud member of the Tapestry of Hope, Liz’s commitment underscores the vital role Threads of Life plays in providing hope, healing, and a sense of community to those affected by workplace tragedies across Canada.

To join Liz in the Tapestry of Hope, simply become a monthly donor

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