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Working to heal families and bring an end to workplace tragedies


Stories of Hope

Threads of Life participants and supporters are working to prevent future tragedies by telling their stories and making sure everyone understands why workplace safety is important.

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There is hope …

“It has been a long journey since the death of my husband. Each day is a gift to us and we remember Leo every day. After years of counselling, support from family for myself and the children, and finding Threads of Life we have been able to live a new normal.

-Erin Pitruzella, whose husband Leo, a labourer for a paving company, died when he was struck by a dump truck loaded with asphalt

If today is an average working day in Canada

Icons of three people

Three workers die today

3 Canadian workers will be killed or die as a result of occupational disease


Hundreds injured today

Hundreds will be seriously injured or made ill because of work


Thousands affected today

Thousands of families, communities and workplaces will be affected

Volunteer Profile: Donna Van Bruggen

Volunteer Profile: Donna Van Bruggen

Donna Van Bruggen’s life was shattered on October 17, 2012 when her son David was killed at work. Donna began a journey to heal her own personal grief and ultimately became a champion to help others living with the aftermath of a workplace tragedy. Donna is a...

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Putting 2020 behind us – Finding light to move forward

Putting 2020 behind us – Finding light to move forward

As we move into a new year, it’s important to make time to reflect, to breathe, and to focus on what is most important to you. The thing about a “beginning” of any type is that it usually also signifies the “ending” of something else. While I’m not especially sad to wave goodbye to 2020, I’m also easing my way into 2021. It’s a new year, a new day, and a new chapter, as some may say. 

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A Decade of Healing

A Decade of Healing

One morning I woke up early, bundled up in my warm layers and headed off to work as an emergency responder, not knowing that it was the last day I would be the “old me”. I had worked all day in an Alberta winter, feeling the cold wind on my face and cursing Mother Nature for the pain of the windchill as it bit my cheeks. I was frustrated that the work day had dragged on and I just wanted to get home. Within hours everyone on that site would feel lucky that we would be able to make it home eventually. I could feel in my gut that something wasn’t right. I knew something bad was going to happen. I was unsure of what; I just knew. I would say nothing. I would regret my silence for years to come.

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