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Have you been affected by a workplace tragedy? You don't have to walk this path alone.

Working to heal families and bring an end to workplace tragedies


Stories of Hope

Threads of Life participants and supporters are working to prevent future tragedies by telling their stories and making sure everyone understands why workplace safety is important.

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There is hope …

“It has been a long journey since the death of my husband. Each day is a gift to us and we remember Leo every day. After years of counselling, support from family for myself and the children, and finding Threads of Life we have been able to live a new normal.

-Erin Pitruzella, whose husband Leo, a labourer for a paving company, died when he was struck by a dump truck loaded with asphalt

If today is an average working day in Canada

Icons of three people

Three workers die today

3 Canadian workers will be killed or die as a result of occupational disease


Hundreds injured today

Hundreds will be seriously injured or made ill because of work


Thousands affected today

Thousands of families, communities and workplaces will be affected

Threads of Life Scholarship – Helping to make dreams and futures come true

Threads of Life Scholarship – Helping to make dreams and futures come true

When a family is shaken by a workplace tragedy, so many aspects of their individual and shared lives can be affected: emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial included. The Threads of Life Scholarship – made possible through the generous support and funding of the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) – is a significant support to Threads of Life families, including young workers, looking to build a future through post-secondary education.

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Learning to love who I became

Learning to love who I became

I’m a father to six children and have worked hard since I was about 13 years old. I really enjoyed working over the years. I worked in the oil fields for three years and went on to do sheet metal work for over 25 years. I would work six to seven days a week and eight to sometimes 16 hour days.

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With a little help from our best friends

With a little help from our best friends

Stars are always in the sky, they just shine brighter at times. Sometimes they are hidden by the sun, but they are still consistently there. The same can be said about a solid friendship.

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