A workplace tragedy can tear a family apart

At Threads of Life, we know this first-hand.

Working to heal families and bring an end to workplace tragedies


Stories of Hope

Threads of Life participants and supporters are working to prevent future tragedies by telling their stories and making sure everyone understands why workplace safety is important.

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There is hope …

“It has been a long journey since the death of my husband. Each day is a gift to us and we remember Leo every day. After years of counselling, support from family for myself and the children, and finding Threads of Life we have been able to live a new normal.

-Erin Pitruzella, whose husband Leo, a labourer for a paving company, died when he was struck by a dump truck loaded with asphalt

If today is an average working day in Canada

Icons of three people

Three workers die today

3 Canadian workers will be killed or die as a result of occupational disease


Hundreds injured today

Hundreds will be seriously injured or made ill because of work


Thousands affected today

Thousands of families, communities and workplaces will be affected

The State of Safety in Canada, 2024

The State of Safety in Canada, 2024

Take a look at some of the key findings of the State of Safety survey conducted by Threads of Life from February 26th to March 11th, 2024 among a sample of 1024 business owners, managers and decision-makers who are members of the Angus Reid Forum.

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Yes, you are making a difference. Thank you so much.

Yes, you are making a difference. Thank you so much.

Steps for Life is always a mix of sombre and celebration. We celebrate spring and simply being together – a community of people sharing compassion and commitment. But there are sombre aspects to the day as well – we know why we’re here and we have reminders in the Memory Lane signs and the family stories sharing terrible tragedy.

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Safety and Health Week: One Person CAN Make a Difference

Safety and Health Week: One Person CAN Make a Difference

Safety and Health Week gives us an annual opportunity to reinforce our commitment to creating a safe workplace. The question then is – how do we do that? Each year I ask you if one person can make a difference. And you answer that question for yourself. Are you that person?

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