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A true story for your health and safety event

Is your health and safety program looking for a boost or a change of pace? Personal testimony and shared experience is the most powerful and effective way to change attitudes and perceptions about health and safety.

50+ speakers ready to share their personal story

Members of the Speakers Bureau are volunteers from across Canada who have been affected by a life-altering workplace injury, fatality, or are living with an occupational disease. Their presentations are moving and unforgettable. Here’s a sampling of speakers’ personal stories. Contact Threads of Life to find a speaker for your event: speakersbureau@threadsoflife.ca.

“Katie’s presentation reinforced the reality and gravity of workplace fatalities. While we are a very safety conscious organization, she helped remind us that our daily actions can all have an effect on prevention. Katie helped give us a glimpse of what the effect is to lose a loved one, and how that has permanent consequences for the surviving family.” Nate Glubish

Director of Corporate Development, NCSG Crane and Heavy Haul Services

A speaker shares her story of hope and healing after a workplace tragedy

Erin Pitruzzella’s husband was struck and killed by a dump truck while he was working for a paving company. Erin talks about how Leo’s death has affected her, and her two young children, now teenagers. She now shares her story as a Threads of Life speaker, to try to prevent further work-related tragedies.

Wally Power
Glen Friesen was working in a rail yard moving train cars when a rope he was holding jerked and his hand was nearly amputated. After multiple surgeries, Glen has some use of his hand, and shares his story to help emphasize the importance of health and safety.
Renee Guay
Tracey Mino — Tracey’s dad was a butcher by trade, and was working in a grocery store. He was putting some items away on a high shelf in a store room, when the ladder he was using tipped over. The ladder was defective. Earl received severe head injuries from his fall, and died later in hospital.
Headshot of Katie Giesbrecht
Charmaine Salter — Charmaine’s father Ron worked his entire career as an electrician. He was a family man and musician, playing guitar and singing with several groups. After he retired, Ron was diagnosed with mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos, and died less than a year later.

How the program works

1. The right speaker

Contact us with the date and theme for your event and we will work with you to find a speaker who can provide the ideal story and a powerful message for your audience. We can usually suggest a speaker from your province or region.

2. The arrangements

Our staff will coordinate everything with you – travel arrangements, audio-visual – everything.

3. The costs

Threads of Life speakers are volunteers who dedicate their time on the understanding that a donation will be made to Threads of Life. As Threads of Life staff work with you we will discuss a donation amount. You are also asked to cover the expenses to bring the speaker to your event.

Please note: Due to the emotionally demanding nature of our speakers’ presentations, requests for multiple presentations (to cover various shifts, etc.) require special consideration, and are not possible for all our of speakers.

Want to help us change workplace culture in Canada?

Our speakers are volunteers who have a personal story to share and understand how Threads of Life helps those affected by workplace tragedy.