The National Day of Mourning is an important day for Threads of Life family members – a time for private remembrance, but also a time when many choose to share their personal stories in order to honour their loved ones and their own experience, and to help others understand the impact of a death, serious injury or illness caused simply by going to work. This year, Threads of Life has worked with three family members to capture their personal stories on video. These stories represent the thousands of family members across the country whose lives have been forever changed by a workplace tragedy. Three personal reflections that speak to the experiences of so many of us affected by a workplace tragedy. 

Even one is too many.

On Friday, April 26, we will hold a short online Day of Mourning ceremony*. It will be a time to honour the memory of our lost loved ones and reignite our commitment to safety – ensuring no more lights are extinguished prematurely. To attend, please register in advance by clicking this link. We will send you the Zoom link for the ceremony. You will be invited to light a candle and are welcome to share a name in the chat, of someone you are honouring on Day of Mourning.

* Ceremony start time in your time zone: Newfoundland: 12:30 pm // Atlantic: 12:00 pm // Eastern: 11:00 am // Central: 10:00 am // Mountain: 9:00 am // Pacific: 8:00 am //