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Threads of Life tries to provide family members with as many different healing tools as possible. It often takes several tools to build your own personal coping and healing strategy, so you may need to try a few on for size!

One size does not fit all, nor should it. We’re individuals with vastly varying losses. The threads that connect us are that we’ve been affected by a workplace tragedy, and that we all know deep pain because of it.

Each individual is unique and has different needs. Here are 7 different tools we offer to help you on your life-long healing journey:

1. A support network. Both in print and in person, we help to connect you with others who’ve experienced a work-related tragedy. We share your stories in every issue of our quarterly print newsletter, so that you’ll know you are not alone. Each year, we host regional family forums to bring families together to meet face-to-face. The connection and healing that happens here is nothing short of incredible!

2. Compassionate listeners. We will match any of our family members with a volunteer family guide – a family member who has also experienced a workplace tragedy, and who has taken special training to provide compassionate peer support to others. Many family members who have been matched through this program later go on to take this training themselves, so that they can then help others.

3. Advisory support. When you’re looking for information on investigations, court proceedings, or even a coroner’s inquest, it can be overwhelming and confusing. We can help you understand what’s happening and also direct you to the appropriate resources.

4. Sharing our stories. If you’ve ever thought you’d like to share your story, we’d like to help! Maybe you’d like to become a volunteer presenter with our national speakers bureau? If you’d like to share your experience, but would rather write than speak in front of a crowd, there’s the option to share your story, or even a poem, short essay, or a reflection piece in the newsletter or in a blog post. We want you to have the opportunity to add your voice to the growing body of family members bravely sharing their journey!

5. Step up for safety! We’ll once again be hosting Steps for Life walks in communities across Canada the first weekend of May. We hope you’ll join us as we walk for all of the families in Canada who’ve been affected by workplace tragedy. Workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths are not acceptable and they are preventable. Step up for safety in your community!

6. Exposure to different healing practices. We try to include something new at each family forum. Something that you may not have had the opportunity to try before. In past years we’ve had art therapy, music therapy, a labyrinth, mandalas, and laughter yoga – just to name a few.

7. Helpful information and resources. We share articles, videos, and other resources we think you may appreciate on our Threads of Life Facebook page. We share resources that pass our way every week on our page, and we look forward to hearing your comments!

What helps you the most will be your own unique blend of coping skills that you develop from the tools you try. What works for you may not work for others, but we hope you’ll try some different coping strategies on for size!

Sarah Wheelan