There is no doubt that 2023 was a very big year for Steps for Life. The enthusiasm and support roared as we headed back to the parks for traditional Steps for Life events — crowds of families, friends, and coworkers proudly wearing their yellow T-shirts in declaration of safe work for all of us. 

The fundraising thermometer rose to meet your efforts, and the families being supported by Threads of Life’s family support services will benefit. Funds will continue to trickle in for a little while yet, but the total is already sitting at over $935,000 raised. Every dollar goes toward providing services to families who’ve experienced a workplace fatality, life-altering injury, or occupational disease.

There are a few teams and individuals who deserve special mention and thanks. As leaders in the Atlantic, Central, and Western regions of the country, and nationally, the following Steps for Life participants and teams stood tall in their efforts! Please join us in a giant THANK YOU and congratulations to each of the 2023 Steps for Life Team Challenge winners!

Team Challenge Winners Chart. National Team Winner - Sun Valley Gold, Led by Rebecca Harris, Vancouver. National Individual Winner - Work Boot Warriors, Mark Vaandering, London. Atlantic Canada Team Winner - WCB Nova Scotia, Led by Chrisanne Delano, Halifax. Atlantic Canada Individual Winner - Roth Lochston, Chris Gregory, St. John's. Central Canada Team Winner, NORCAT, Led by Dan Fleming, Toronto. Central Canada Individual Winner, 4BOT, Eugene Gutierrez, London. Western Canada, Stratus Electrical and Instrumentation, Led by Samantha Johnston, Calgary. Western Canada Individual Winner - KLTP - Burnaby Terminal, Jordan Daye, Vancouver. National Online Event Team Winner - WSIB - IT and Corporate Services, Led by Patrick Byrne, National Online. National Online Event Individual Winner - Team Tyson, Monique Titanich, National Online. Team Spririt Award Winner - Wonderbrands, Led by Colin Byrne, St. John's.


Thank you!

Sarah Wheelan