Our Canadian winters are predictably…. unpredictable! We have at least three solid months of cold temperatures, ice or snow to align ourselves with. For some it is exciting, for others maybe not so much. Myself, I am looking forward to milder days. I could literally hibernate and I don’t mind sharing that I’ve always preferred the warmth of summer. It’s interesting how weather affects us, how it influences our health and wellness. Although even during the coldest of days I am somehow drawn in by the slower pace and I welcome the time it allows me to reset. I think about the darkness and the light- of the morning dawn and how it prefers to stay tucked in just a little longer each day, content underneath the blanket of frost. I do like to stay tucked in a little longer as well – sometimes those little things are the best. Depending on where you live by the time you read this winter will be well underway or hopefully just starting to break if you’re lucky. For those of us in the world who do experience significant winter weather, it truly gives us something to talk about doesn’t it?

The power of storytelling transcends time and gives us hope. One morning last winter I went out to my car and found a beautiful display of ice feathers painted on my windshield. Ice feathers are intricate structures made from ice crystals that build up on the windward side of objects. I was instantly reminded of when I was a child finding them on the outside storm door of our house with my brother and sister. They are beautiful, so we touched them, fascinated that each one has its own very delicate design. It seems as if each one had its own story. I quickly took a picture of them as knew they would start to melt as soon as I turned on my car and the heat reached them. Sometimes I feel we are kind of like those feathers – appearing because of the climate that exists around us- visible when the wind has blows at us. If you are coping with a loss, experiencing difficult feelings, or simply feeling overwhelmed, hang in there, winter may also offer you some time to rest and re-energize. For me, winter holds a promise of something good to look forward to like a seed of hope, waiting to spring to life.

What does winter hold for you?

Karen Lapierre Pitts
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