Overhead view of a labrynth mazeDealing with grief from a loss of a loved one not coming home, a serious injury, or an occupational disease is devastating with many layers of intensity. It’s fair to say a significant loss changes the world around us. Stress, sadness, pain, and feeling isolated can sit heavy on our hearts and spirits. Sometimes it can feel like we are truly at a breaking point. That “breaking point” experience will be the focus of our September 16, 2021 online FamiliesConnect workshop

We understand the impact of a work-related tragedy can call on the deepest physical and emotional strength we have, or could ever have imagined. Whether the workplace tragedy that affected your life is recent or not, with change it can often feel like we are standing on an unstable piece of the earth. Questions continue to ruminate in our minds:  

What happens now? 

How will I get through this?

Does anyone see or understand the pain I’m feeling?

While hope and healing are themes we hear often, sometimes they seem far from attainable — bringing many other feelings from within. In our workshop, we will share some insight into challenges families experience and explore ways to build on what “hope and healing” means for you. We approach this knowing that healing is not “getting over it” or fixing anything, but rather an internal road map of how we process what’s happened, how we can move with it and draw on it to have a sense of where to go from here. For each family member I talk to, the tragedy that has affected them has different impacts. Their maps all look different. The one thing I’ve realized we all have in common is that we’re all drawing our own maps to cope.

The unique ability we have to journey together, having someone to lean on during those times of transition or uncertainty, can make a big difference. In this workshop, we will create a collaborative space to learn from each other and find ways to move forward in our own way by reflecting on where we are right now.

If you need some reassurance that you are not alone, please join other families in a conversation you won’t want to miss! Register to join us at threadsoflife.ca/programs/families-connect-workshops.

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