Your sponsorship makes a difference


Every sponsor makes a difference!

Steps for Life sponsors come in all shapes and sizes – and every one of them makes a difference to health and safety and the lives of people affected by workplace tragedy.

The businesses and organizations which support Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy range from Stepping Forward sponsors investing $250 in their local walk to national walk sponsors donating $10,000 and more.  And in 2016 there were more than 200 sponsors at 30 walks from coast to coast!

Every one of those dollars is needed and valued – each one contributes to the services Threads of Life provides to help individuals and families heal after a work-related fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease.

Steps for Life sponsors reap benefits too. Every level of sponsorship offers forms of recognition such as a logo on t-shirts or signage, space to exhibit at the walk, and even a chance to officially welcome walkers to the event.

But there are also more intangible benefits for companies that choose to sponsor or participate in Steps for Life. Stantec, a Canadian engineering, consulting and design firm, became a national sponsor for Steps for Life in 2014. Jon Lessard, the Vice-President for HSE, writes:

“At Stantec, one of our core values is that we are better together — and for us, that also means that we are safer together. By partnering with Threads of Life and participating in the Steps for Life walks, we can continue to raise awareness about incident prevention at work and in our communities so that we all return home safely each day.”

Here are six more reasons to become a sponsor for Steps for Life:


  1. It’s close to home – there are walks in 30+ communities across Canada. Steps for Life walks are organized by people in your community and the participants come from your neighbourhood.
  2. Steps for Life sponsorship suits all budgets – Steps for Life offers opportunities ranging from $250 Stepping Forward sponsorship to a $2000 Champion level. Or think about sponsoring nationally!
  3. Lets you demonstrate leadership – show the community your commitment to health and safety.
  4. A chance to support families – your sponsorship dollars directly fund Threads of Life programs and services for families affected by workplace tragedy.
  5. Help to build safety culture across the nation – Steps for Life aims to make everyone more aware of the importance of workplace safety. By becoming a sponsor, you are part of that national movement.
  6. One can make a difference – and with Steps for Life sponsorship, that one can be you!
Susan Haldane