The day Tara Elliott got that phone call is what she calls a “flashbulb memory” – a vivid, detailed memory of a high-emotional moment. She can recall each turn she took on her drive to the hospital; how each member of her family reacted when the doctor told them her father was dead.

Tara’s dad Stephen worked as a machinist for 28 years. On that terrible day, a piece of metal flew out of the machine he was using, hitting him in the chest and killing him instantly. Tara’s family was changed forever. This year, Tara is the national family spokesperson for Steps for Life, as well as the spokesperson for Steps for Life Regina.

“Being the spokesperson for the Steps for Life walk gives me the opportunity to share my experience with workplace tragedy,” Tara says. “By telling my story and the impact it has had on my family, it will hopefully raise awareness for workplace safety and prevent further incidents like this from happening to other families. Walking with members of my community to support the ultimate goal of returning every worker home safely, means the world to me.”