What does your future with Threads of Life look like?

The past couple of years have provided us with several unique challenges. Join us for a discussion about what the future holds for you and for Threads of Life. The pandemic has challenged us in many ways, yet we know our own resilience. We are survivors and have learned how to live with the unexpected. The lessons we learned while dealing with a life-altering injury, occupational disease or the outcome of a traumatic death have changed us. We had to set new goals for the future. We learned to live in smaller moments of time and to enjoy many of the little things that may have passed us previously. We have learned resilience. Perhaps we have learned we can only plan for the near future, and to not look too far ahead. What are your dreams and goals, for next year or just for next week? If you’re newer to the healing journey, learn from others about how to set small goals and make new plans, when you can barely imagine the next hour, let alone the next year.

A black sleeved arm hangs into the water off of a dock. Ripples appear in the still water beneath the hand.
Photo by Diana Smykova from Pexels

Threads of Life is similar. As you know, Threads of Life is an organization that always reflects on our vision and mission and they are our guiding principles in all that we do. We have learned that plans change and how to adapt and do things differently. These FamilyConnect workshops are an example. This concept had been in discussion for a few years — imagining what the workshops would look like, and how we could do workshops that would reach all Canadian families and be available for those who could not attend in-person events such as Family Forums or Steps for Life. When the pandemic hit, we were in a position where we couldn’t meet in-person — so we rose to the challenge and attempted these virtual workshops. Out of our comfort zone, but a new resilience. The workshops will continue into the future. You have a voice in how FamiliesConnect grows, what topics may be helpful, how to reach other family members, how to help your organization grow and be available to nurture and support new family members. As we share our shared vision for family support going forward, we will also share a few highlights of the 2022 – 2024 strategic plan. Together we will have an opportunity to set some goals for the future.

We invite you to join this session to revisit your plan for 2022, to learn about Threads of Life’s plans, and to be part of this growing network of support. We even have a surprise (a gift!) for everyone who participates.

Shirley Hickman