The Timmins Steps for Life committee marches to the beat of its own drum at most times. We have a strong committee, and a vibrant community who know and understand the importance of what happens with the walk and our other prevention-minded endeavors.

Our committee chair, Al Armstrong, was inspired to create the Timmins Family Garden on the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority trail — where we host our Steps for Life walk — on Gillies Lake. He strategically planned it to be an attraction for walkers for 8 months of the year. Part of that installation was a stainless steel monument plaque and baluster provided by local company Norfab Metal and Machine. Such installations are not their primary business, but Norfab’s owner Dan Katic is always up for a challenge! We gave him the specs and a sketch and he responded: “We’ll see what we can do.”

Now, Dan is not one to take centre stage. He’s always helping from the background: sponsoring hockey teams, or making donations to make school kids’ lives better. This year, his contribution was a flag! Thanks to Norfab Metal and Machine, and Dan’s “we’ll see what we can do” attitude, Timmins’ Steps for Life now has its own flag. Another local business, John’s Neon Signs from Schumacher, provided a contact to have the flag made. Dino Cavalieri, the company’s owner, also donated “Proud Supporter” recognition plaques, so we could say “thanks for backing us” to our many supporters in our efforts. We were honoured to have the City of Timmins raise our flag at City Hall during our Steps for Life Walk dedication.

Together, while battling competing events, and most notably the weather, we have been able to continue the momentum and build on our successes year after year. What we may lack in donations of cash, or bodies for the walk, we make up for with “esprit de corps”.

Norfab Metal and Machine’s owner Dan Katic presents the Timmins Steps for Life committee with their new flag.

The Steps for Life committee raise the flag at Timmins City Hall.

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