a boardwalk leads to the ocean through grasses

Whenever I want to find peace within myself, I love to visit the ocean.
It has to be the most peaceful place on earth;
I feel like I’ve come to visit an old friend who has
welcomed me back home again.
I can sit and stare out at nothing but water and sky and
not have a care in the world.
At that moment I can let go of all my worries and fear
And just breathe in the freshness.
As I am leaving my heart suddenly saddens as I think
About all the people who are not as lucky as I am.
The ones who can never walk on the rocks or feel the
water and sand on their feet.
The ones who can stand in front of this beauty of sky and
water though they cannot see.
The ones who will never be able to take in the
freshest of air because their lungs have failed them; or
the people who have been filled with so much hate and
sadness that they have forgotten the simple things in life.
The ones who have forgotten to just appreciate how
very lucky they truly are.
Take care my friend, until we meet again.

Tammy Lundgren-Costa
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