In 2019, 8,400 people across Canada heard directly from Threads of Life family members why workplace safety matters. Each of those 8,400 were touched by the story of a family changed forever. Imagine if next year, an additional 8,400 Canadians could hear that message and be inspired to work safely every day. 

With your help, our service: the Speakers Bureau can make that happen. Threads of Life Speakers Bureau members have been affected by the impact of a workplace tragedy. They know firsthand the costs of a life-altering injury, a fatality or an occupational disease. Through public speaking training provided by Threads of Life, speakers go out into their communities and tell their stories to create change.

Audience listening to speaker

This holiday season you can be a part of that change with a donation to Threads of Life. 

If you are an individual or an employer you can help in the fight to create awareness surrounding workplace tragedy.

Here are two ways you can help in the fight:

A great way an employer can show their support is to educate others and advocate for grieving families that need help. Contact Threads of Life and book one of our Speakers Bureau family members to come and inspire your employees to stay safe in the workplace.

If you are a friend or family member, you can donate “in honour of” someone to Threads of Life, and show that you support them and other families in preventing workplace tragedy. We’ll send a card to the family and let them know you’ve donated.

It’s easy to make your contribution. Just head over to donate using Threads of Life’s secure online form, or call us at 1-888-567-9490 to book one of our Threads of Life Speakers Bureau members.

We thank you for everything you do. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.