Fundraising for Steps for Life has definitely evolved over the years, from door-to-door asks to phone calls, to posting our personal fundraising page links on social media. What’s constant is your passion for supporting families of workplace tragedy, and ability to move with the trends.

If there is one positive thing to come out of this pandemic period, it’s that it forced us to learn new skills. Some of us who always used paper are now quite comfortable using websites, and making online transactions. From groceries to everyday needs, and now in our Steps for Life event planning and fundraising, we are streamlining our efforts.

Five individuals stand and crouch in front of a Steps for Life banner on the side of a pickup truck.

This is a good thing! In planning Steps for Life in 2022, we looked to create safe and efficient ways for our participants and our donors to support our in-person community events. One important way we can do this is by using less paper to hand in at the event, and encouraging more online registration and donation transactions prior to the walk itself. The less administration that occurs on walk day, the better the experience is for you as a walker and for our volunteers.

Now we do realize there may be some who register or collect pledges the “paper way”, so we have come up with a few options for handing that paper in ahead of walk day.

tips & tricks - do not mail cash. Receipts = $20+ with full address

Mailing Address for Threads of Life. PO Box 9066, 1795 Ernest Ave, London, ON, N6E 2V0These include,

Pledge Form Checklist

  • Gather all your cash and cheque donation in an envelope
  • Double-check your pledge form to ensure everything matches with what you collected
  • Highlight any uncollected pledges on your sheet
  • Fill in the missing addresses, postal codes, etc.

We’re excited to be walking alongside you again at the in-person events this April and May! You can expect the same wonderfully supportive atmosphere, and an event run by local volunteers who have dedicated so much effort to creating a fun return to the park events. Thank you in advance for helping us to ensure the walks are a safe and fun experience for all!

Heather Lyle