Audrey Stringer is a long-time workshop facilitator and friend of Threads of Life. Family members will remember meeting her at various Family Forums, where she leads sessions on grief and healing. This poem reflects her own grief journey and her unique voice.

In the winter of our sorrow, it is necessary to suspend, wallow and reflect.

But being able to gradually let go and release the pain, will hasten the birth of spring in all of its splendour.

Remember grief is a process not an event. It is individual to each of us as a human being.

The process may take many seasons for some of us so attached, to let go and enjoy the fruits of each season.

But don’t forget to savour the bittersweet memories.

The wisdom of grieving will most likely take many, many seasons for you to unfold and accept your healing journey.

Only when reaching out to the pain of loss, embracing the pain and not pushing away will the sun shine again and you will hear the sweet musical notes of birds.

Like the maple tree changing colours with the seasons of change. Sometimes your strength and vulnerability will dance with both fear and courage of the unknown.

This may be startling and confusing at times. Often you may feel solid in a storm but transfixed with conviction and stamina coupled with doubt and shame.

Develop your roots like a robust oak tree to be able to sow the seeds of a healthy life filled with peace and love and not torment and envy.

If you listen long enough, you will hear yourself speak.

Audrey Stringer

Audrey Stringer
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