A woman is sitting in a kitchen laughing on the phone. Her cordless earpiece is visible and a cup rests on the table. The text reads "February 15 February Fun Games Night"Why would we want to laugh and have fun in February, when so many of us are having a difficult time just making it through the day? Did you know that many find February to be the worst month? “Poor February,” writes Frances Dodds in Entrepreneur magazine. “Such an awkward, unpopular month. By the time it arrives, life’s grubby fingers have smudged up the New Year’s fresh sheen. It’s frigid outside and daylight dwindles as fast as the box of chocolates you bought on sale.”

February is a difficult month especially for many people in northern locations. According to WebMD, over 11 million people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and many of the rest of us have a less severe case of the winter blues, officially called subsyndromal SAD. Winter mood-related issues are most probably a response to the lack of sunlight when days are shorter.

Sooooo… that is why Kelley and Sharon want to lighten the dark days with a fun night of games and laughter. Our FamiliesConnect for February will be a fun-filled, interactive evening spent in the virtual company of others experiencing the same challenges you are. Even though you’re coping with a serious injury or grieving a loss, you’re allowed to laugh a bit. In fact, family members often tell us the first time they smiled or laughed after their tragedy was when they were with other Threads of Life families. So, make it a date for some laughter. Test your skills in Jeopardy, Scattegories and the Whisper Game. Dress cozy, grab a snack and drink and join us for the fun. Even if it is for a couple of hours…you deserve it!

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