Honestly, one of the hardest things to do when your world has been forever changed is finding ways to cope and make sense of it all – often a journey that families face on their own. It takes time. It takes emotional and physical energy. You may be feeling alone or isolated at times.

We want to walk with you on that journey.

FamiliesConnect is a new program we are offering for those directly affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease. Each month you can attend a virtual workshop led by a knowledgeable facilitator, focused on a topic that supports hope, healing, and ways to cope. You can choose your comfort level while you participate: you may find talking, sharing, and interacting with others is difficult at first, however it is helpful if you can briefly introduce yourself and why you are
attending. Peer-based support is the foundation for all of our family support programs. Getting to know other families who have experienced a similar workplace tragedy can provide insight into your own experience or even help someone else.

You can read more about upcoming workshops and how to register by visiting our web site.

Many of the sessions will be a fit for anyone, no matter whether your experience is with serious injury, occupational disease or fatality. A few sessions will focus on particular groups, like injured workers or widows. Here are a few of the topics we’re planning for 2021:

  • A Reminder to One’s Self: Self-Care
  • Exploring Grief & Loss History
  • An Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture and its Benefits
  • Getting Unstuck: How to make Friends with your Grief & Trauma
  • Ask a Therapist

FamiliesConnect is your way to learn, share and connect with others who understand, who get it – a supportive community for you to lean on. Here’s what some family members are saying:

It’s comforting to be around a group of people who get and totally understand what you’re going through. No judgement ever.

One thing I didn’t realize before is that I will never be the person I was before, but the new me needs a lot of care like a carefully tended garden.

Knowing at least for me I was not alone in my grief and the loss. There were many others sharing in their losses as well. I felt a great sense of release from a lot of tension, just from the short exercise we did. It also made me feel I belonged as before I felt on the outside looking in.

What to expect

All workshops are held virtually on Zoom meetings. Thanks to the support of Threads of Life’s partners and funders all workshops are offered at no charge to our family members. Once you register, we will be in touch to provide you with all the details you will need to join. It’s easy to connect with a few quick steps and we can assist you if you have any questions. For more information, please contact Kelley Thompson at 1-888-567-9490 or by email [email protected].

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