Health and Safety: Faces Behind the Statistics, Donna Green

“From the age of five,” says Donna Green, “I wanted to be a nurse.” The longer she worked as a nurse, the more she loved it. But what happens when you’re sidelined by injury? At 40, Donna learned to live with disability, grieve for the life that no longer existed, and find respect for her new life. Today, through Threads of Life, she strives to help as many people as she can.

In October 2003, Donna Green injured her back at work for the third and last time. Despite attending rehab clinics in Cape Breton and elsewhere, Donna had to give up the nursing career she loved.

She also had to give up her sense of self. From age five, she had wanted to be a nurse. At 40, her career was over. “I worked full time, with three children at home. My days were packed full from morning to night. Now what?”

Donna quickly learned that the effects of an injury are not just physical. “The psychological impact of being handicapped from a work injury can cripple you, and it’s not even talked about.”

Donna found out about Threads of Life from the WCB. At her first Family Forum, she met others in the same situation. Instead of suffering in silence, she could discuss her experiences with people who understood.

Since then, Donna has become a volunteer family guide and a member of our Speakers Bureau. “I strive to help as many people as I can and try to make them realize that they are not alone.”

Read more about Donna on page 4 of the Winter 2012 newsletter.

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