Welcome to our new team members, Shari Hinz and Christine Kennedy-Babineau.

Threads of Life is delighted to welcome two new members to our small but mighty staff team. Shari Hinz lives in Saskatchewan and is our new Regional Development Coordinator (RDC) for Western Canada. Christine Kennedy-Babineau, from New Brunswick, takes over as Regional Development Coordinator for Atlantic Canada and Quebec.  They join Lorna Catrambone, our Central Canada RDC. Threads of Life’s RDCs work closely with volunteers and partners in their regions to advance our mission. As we get to know Shari and Christine, we thought you’d like to learn a bit about them too. I asked each of them to share a bit about themselves.

Smiling woman with light skin tone and blonde, chin length hairShari Hinz, Regional Development Coordinator – Western Canada

  • What drew you to Threads of Life?

In my previous role I thoroughly enjoyed working with injury survivors and family members who displayed incredible courage and resilience in sharing their personal stories in an effort to raise awareness and instill a prevention mindset in others.  I found working with those individuals not only rewarding but incredibly inspiring.  Having the opportunity to join Threads of Life and be able to contribute to further developing the programs that directly support individuals and families impacted by workplace tragedy is an honour.

  • What are you looking forward to in your role as RDC for Western Canada?

I am looking forward to meeting our committed network of families, volunteers and program partners and to working together with them to establish new connections across communities and organizations in the region.  I am also looking forward to supporting the 2022 Steps for Life events across Canada and our upcoming Family Forum events.

  • Do you have any hobbies or additional information you would like to share?

I enjoy being active – you can find me out walking and gardening as much as the seasons and weather allow. I also enjoy cooking and love sharing a great meal with friends and family – those are the times when memories are made.


Smiling woman with light skin tone and long, brown hair and a jean jacketChristine Kennedy-Babineau, Regional Development Coordinator – Atlantic Canada and Quebec

  • What drew you to Threads of Life?

I have a passion for helping people and have dedicated my life to making a difference in other people’s lives. I have spent my entire career working in the non-profit sector but had never heard of Threads of Life until I saw the RDC job posting. After researching the organization, learning more about the mission and mandate, meeting the dedicated leadership team, and perhaps most importantly, talking to a friend who has received grief support through the Threads of Life family support program, I knew this role was the right fit. An empathetic organization that values family, that is striving to make lasting changes in the world and actively working towards making the world a safer place is definitely one that I am keen to work with.

  • What are you looking forward to in your role as the RDC for Atlantic Canada?

I am thrilled to be joining the Threads of Life team! As the RDC for Atlantic Canada and Quebec, I am most looking forward to the opportunity to ensure more people are familiar with this incredible organization. I want to share our mandate and ensure that people across all four of the Atlantic provinces and Quebec, have access to our essential services should they or someone they love ever require this support.

Having spent the bulk of my career engaging and supporting volunteers, I am also really looking forward to connecting with the volunteers and partners across the region that give of their time and talents. Whether they are fundraising, giving a presentation, or sharing their personal story to support another grieving family, they are instrumental to the work Threads of Life does and I can’t wait to meet them.

  • Do you have any hobbies you would like to share?

As a mom of two boys, leisure time is at a premium, but I have a diverse range of creative interests that keep my hands busy. I am an avid jewelry maker and designer, I play piano, I quilt, tat, embroider, and sew, with COVID masks and Halloween costumes for my kids being the most frequent thing to grace my studio; I just love to make beautiful things that I can share with others. I also spend a lot of time volunteering for my local minor basketball association. From division coordinator to social media manager to coach, I enjoy helping the kids get out on the courts in whatever way I can.

Scott McKay