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Who are Threads of Life Speakers?

Members of the Speakers Bureau are volunteers who have been affected by a life-altering workplace injury, fatality, or are living with an occupational disease. They are parents, spouses and friends. They are united in their courage and conviction – that sharing their personal story will prevent further injuries in the workplace. Their presentations are moving and unforgettable.

Our speakers have presented to more than 68,000 individuals since 2005
Is your health and safety program looking for a boost or a change of pace? Threads of Life promotes public awareness and accountability for workplace health and safety through its Speakers Bureau.

Our Speakers Bureau is comprised of people who have been impacted by a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational illness. Personal testimony and sharing experiences is the most powerful and effective way to change attitudes and perceptions about health and safety.

Our speakers will come on site to bring home the reality and repercussions of workplace tragedies to your employees. Their testimonies personalize the injury statistics and are compelling, riveting and never to be forgotten.

How the Program Works: Making a Donation
Members of the Speakers Bureau are volunteers. They have been trained to deliver an impactful presentation about the loss of losing a loved one to a workplace fatality or occupational disease, or on the impact of living with someone who has suffered from a life-altering injury. Some members are injured workers. They all deliver a strong call to action regarding injury prevention. All of them are volunteers and dedicate their time to sharing their personal story to audiences in workplaces, at conferences and schools. They do not receive payment but they volunteer their time on the understanding that a donation will be made to Threads of Life.

Although we sometimes receive requests for multiple speaker events in a day, we usually only recommend a speaker present once as it can be emotionally draining.

Client Feedback

Book a Threads of Life Speaker to present to your

  • managers
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at your:

  • health and safety talks and training
  • new employee orientation
  • joint health and safety committee events
  • lunch-and-learn sessions
  • seminars
  • annual meetings
  • conferences
  • safety days
  • special events such as the NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) week in May

“Anyone who has experienced a workplace tragedy would agree with the mission and vision statements of Threads of Life. If we can only prevent one unnecessary injury from happening, speaking for Threads of Life will be a rewarding experience. We are looking forward to the challenge.”
~ Marj Deyell, mother of John, 23 years, killed on the job
Volunteer speaker, Speakers Bureau

“The issue of safety in the workplace, the reality of tragic death and life-altering injuries that effect families, and the hope that we extend as “someone who has been there,” constitutes a message I feel honoured to speak about to various groups.”
~ Elizabeth Webley, wife of Dick, killed on the job
Volunteer speaker, Speakers Bureau

Audience Feedback

“It reminds me again that my son will soon be joining the workforce and safety needs to remain paramount.”

“I now know there is an organization that can help families who have lost a loved one.”

“Quite emotional. We don’t always stop or think about tragedy until it hits.”

“A reminder that accident stats happen to people.”

“I realize the importance of educating our children in regards to safe work.”

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