You did it again! Our volunteers, our participants, our sponsors, our communities. You are amazing.

We are floored by the fantastic work done by all of you who walked with us; who walked together.Collage of walkers in their yellow t-shirts and text that reads

2020 was not what our Steps for Life communities expected, but you knocked it out of the park. This year, 2021, everyone was more prepared. There were more plans, more choices, more understanding of what the future holds.

We could not be prouder of the togetherness that you are involved in making. You keep the community together, and keep each other motivated. This is why #WeWalkTogether matters. You walked together, you showed up for one another. It is a joy to see.

In some communities you walked and shared online, others biked or did yoga; then there were those who ran marathons! And the opening ceremonies held online were creative, inspiring and moving. Regardless of the activity, we are overwhelmed by the sea of yellow that shone through once again. 

We know online can be difficult for some, but, did that stop you from making the effort? No way! You posted messages and pictures about how you walked and who you walked with.

We saw your pictures with your pets and family, we saw your comments about the ones you love, and we are so glad that you continued to walk for this cause.

We know that not everyone can donate right now; we know it is hard for those in that position, but so many of you did your best and that is all we could ask.

It is not too late to help! Activities are being held throughout the month of May and Steps for Life is accepting donations until June 30th, so please keep reaching out.

That is why it is incredible to see the numbers. It’s only mid-May and together you’ve raised the goal and more — currently at 107% !

You are always surprising us with your dedication and desire to help families affected by work-related tragedy and spread the prevention message.

Once again, you influence us in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Steps for Life, and for enduring this last year.

You Rock! Be well and stay safe.