Threads of Life volunteer Alex Tuff shared his story at a Workplace NL Health and Safety Symposium last fall.

Every year, more families across Canada find their way to Threads of Life when they need support coping with a work-related fatality, serious injury or disease. Our wish is that every person who could benefit from Threads of Life programs knows how to find that help. And thanks to partners like WorkplaceNL, that wish is coming true.

WorkplaceNL delivers workplace injury and illness prevention and compensation services in Newfoundland and Labrador, and is one of the many workers’ compensation boards across the country that have forged partnerships with Threads of Life to support those affected by workplace tragedy.

“WorkplaceNL has a vision of safe and healthy workplaces, and we strive to reduce the impact of work-related injuries when they do occur,” says Dennis Hogan, CEO, WorkplaceNL. “Spreading the word about Threads of Life amongst our staff and clients is just another way people can become aware of how to get the support they need to heal physically and emotionally.”

Each year, WorkplaceNL shares information about the Atlantic Family Forum with workers and their families who have experienced a tragedy. General information about Threads of Life programs and services is also available in WorkplaceNL’s offices and from their staff.

So that staff members understand how Threads of Life can help clients, WorkplaceNL regularly brings Threads of Life speakers in to share their stories and talk about how Threads of Life has helped them. This February, speaker Paulette Raymond and Threads of Life’s director of partnerships Scott McKay (retired) together met with WorkplaceNL staff to answer questions and further develop this partnership.

Raising awareness about the impact a workplace tragedy can have on a family and community is also a priority. WorkplaceNL arranged to have speaker Alex Tuff share his story at two Health and Safety Symposiums in 2017 in Newfoundland and Labrador, promoting prevention and letting even more people know about Threads of Life’s speakers bureau, family forums and other programs.

WorkplaceNL is involved in annual Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy events as well. In addition to sponsoring walks in St. John’s and Corner Brook, the organization supports its staff participating as volunteers and walkers.

Contact with their province’s compensation board is one of the key ways new families find Threads of Life, and Newfoundland and Labrador is no exception. Thanks to the partnership of WorkplaceNL, more families in Canada’s easternmost province are finding hope and healing.

Susan Haldane