​It’s personal.

The ‘whys’ behind walking in Steps for Life are as unique as the people who participate – but whatever your why, it’s time to sign up!

Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy events take place the first weekend of May (in most communities – check the web site for your local event) and registration is open now. Why register early?

1. If you sign up before March 31, you can register at the early bird rate of $10!

2. The sooner you register, the more time you have to raise funds to help those affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease.

Those are the obvious reasons to register today, but the deeper reasons why close to 6,000 people walk in Steps for Life each year are very personal. For some, it’s a friend, co-worker or loved one who was injured on the job. For others it’s a commitment to being active in their community. For many, a caring heart inspires them to get involved not just by walking, but by volunteering as well. Bobbi Baines is a member of the Toronto Steps for Life organizing committee.

“As a health and safety professional,” Bobbi says, “I see first-hand, far too often, the devastating impact that occupational injuries and illnesses have on workers and their families. Through Steps for Life I have met family members, friends and colleagues of people who have suffered a life-altering injury or fatality, and see from their experiences that more has to be done for all workers. Professionally, I strive to prevent occupational illness, injury and fatalities. Personally, I aim to raise awareness of workplace safety at every opportunity. Through Steps for Life we raise funds for supportive programs and services provided by Threads of Life to help people impacted by workplace tragedy.”

Whatever your personal “why” for getting involved, register today for Steps for Life. And then share your decision, and your “why” with friends, colleagues, neighbours and family. Record your personal motivation on your fundraising page, and share it on social media using the #mywhy hashtag. You’ll inspire others to step up too!

From coast to coast, 29 communities will host Steps for Life events this spring, and many organizations will plan their own walks as well. If there’s no walk near you, you can still get involved by signing up for our virtual walk, Your Walk Your Way.

3. And here’s the big why: every year in Canada, close to 1000 workers die as a result of their jobs – either through sudden traumatic injury, or an occupational disease. As the flagship fundraiser for Threads of Life, Steps for Life ensure these families have access to peer support programs, information and networking events. That’s a ‘why’ we can all step up for!

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