A family stands in front of an open body of water. Hashtag reading #WeWalkTogether  is above them and Steps for Life logo underneath.

Steps for Life from A to Z

Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy events will fill the next two weekends, and the days between, with fun and meaning. Our big, passionate community across the country will meet in spirit to honour those affected by work-related tragedy, and to spread the word of prevention. Who could say it better than Emma? Emma takes part in memory of her grandfather who was killed on the job. Thanks, Emma, for contributing this poem that covers Steps for Life from A to Z!

Amazing” was all I can say

Because today was the day

Communities come together across Canada

Dashing through the crowd to find people that I know

Every step remember why we are here

Family is the most important thing to me

Going to join others at the Steps for Life walk makes me happy

Having time to remember my Grandpa who died at work

If I could say one thing to Threads of Life it is “Thank You”

Just in case you don’t know, go to “threadsoflife.ca”

Keeping workplace safety on your mind at all times

Love being together as others went through the same things as you

Make sure you keep those affected by workplace tragedy in your heart

Nothing is like losing a loved one at work or being affected by a tragedy

Opening up you can share and learn about other people’s stories

People all come together on one special day of the year

Quickly to say it is in “May” of every year

Running a walk in over 25 communities, support it every year!

Support StepsforLife.ca even if we can’t be together in person

Taking a walk short or long, use the tag #WeWalkTogether

Unique organization supporting many families and promoting safety

Virtual walks to keep everyone safe during the pandemic

We Walk Together

X” marks the spot, where we walk in Canada

Your awareness and support matters

Zero Tolerance for work-related injuries, illnesses and death!