Group of people cutting the ribbon to start fundraising walk.

Volunteers and participants prepare to set out on the 2017 Steps for Life walk in Toronto Ontario


Threads of Life staff feel we are very fortunate to work with such generous family members, passionate volunteers and committed partners. Kimberly Bondame joined Threads of Life in May 2016, and this summer took over as administrative coordinator. Kimberly shares a reflection on meeting one of our Steps for Life volunteers.

As I took on my new role with Threads of Life, and worked through Steps for Life for the first time, I really learned just how dedicated our volunteers are. All the time, energy and excitement they bring each day blew me away. Our volunteers’ hard work continues to shine with each new project they take on, which is so important for Threads of Life.

This really came alive for me with a team leader in Toronto. I noticed her upbeat personality from the start.  I first had contact with her when she called the office to get help with an online donation. One of her donors was having difficulty so I helped her out and we chatted a bit. The enthusiasm she had was catchy and I remember getting off the phone with a smile on my face. She called frequently throughout the months leading up to Steps for Life and her calls always made my day. She was just a ball of energy and it always seemed as if I was talking to someone I have known for years.

The first time she called, she shared with me that her personal goal was $100 and a team goal of $200. She was always so excited to let me know when she received donations and whom she was going to ask next. She pushed herself and her team and they ended up raising over $1,000!  She was ecstatic to tell me the news. She and her team asked office members, family members and even had a bake sale!

During one of our last conversations before the walk, she learned I would be walking in London and not in Toronto.  She challenged me to come and walk with her in Toronto so we could meet. I believed that I really did need to meet this person who was so dedicated to helping others and whom I had enjoyed talking to over the past few months. My husband, kids and I decided last minute to drive to Toronto to meet her, and participate in our first Steps for Life walk. She was just as much fun in person as she was on the phone.  I was so happy we made the decision to go.

When you are in a new position it can be quite scary and nerve-wracking. Not only was I just learning, but I was also taking over the role from someone who had done this position justice for the past 10 years. With the unique training I was able to receive, the support of my fellow workers and the reassurance from our exceptional volunteers, it has helped ease my transition. I look forward to her enthusiastic calls next spring as she gears up for another year of Steps for Life.

Kimberly Bondame