Lissa Gaudet volunteers as the co-chair of the Halifax Steps for Life walk. Lissa’s position as QHSE Advisor at McNally Construction Inc. in Halifax brings the importance of workplace safety to Lissa’s mind every day.

Lissa was first introduced to Threads of Life in 2010 when she was working for the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association. She was asked to join their team for Steps for Life. Lissa was hooked right away. She had found an organization in Threads of Life that shared the same values and goals that she had. Lissa wanted to spread the word and let everyone know about Threads of Life.

In 2012 Lissa jumped in feet first by joining the planning committee. There are many details, big and small, to organize and arrange. Lissa was willing to help wherever she could. The Steps for Life walks wouldn’t be possible without people like Lissa getting on board and helping out.

In 2013 the Halifax Steps for Life committee found itself without a chair. Lissa willingly stepped up and took that co-chair role and has co-chaired the Halifax walk every year since. Co-chair was not the only new position for Lissa that year; she had also taken on her current position at McNally Construction Inc.

Taking on a new job and a new volunteer role in the same time period shows Lissa’s passion and dedication to both her health and safety career and to Threads of Life. Lissa was able to convey her passion for Threads of Life to the management team at McNally and bring them on board as a community leader sponsor in 2013. McNally has sponsored the Halifax Steps for Life walk every year since and will be returning again in 2018.

Lissa attended the Atlantic Family Forum a couple of years ago. As a volunteer you don’t always get the opportunity to meet the people you are helping. But Threads of Life is not a faceless charity as we all know. Lissa not only got the opportunity to meet several family members, she also had the opportunity to hear their stories and experience a reflection ceremony with them. Lissa describes this moment as one of the greatest honours of her life. Lissa was committed to helping raise awareness for Threads of Life and its family members before she attended the forum, but that commitment was set in stone for her afterwards.

In recognition of Lissa’s valued service as a volunteer Lissa was nominated for a Threads of Life Community Action award. This is awarded to those who have volunteers for three or more years and have made a significant impact in two or more of our four strategic objectives: raising awareness, volunteering, participation, and revenue. Lissa’s name was put forward for an award by her fellow co-chair, Trisha MacIsaac. Trisha felt Lissa’s efforts should be recognized because in her opinion, the Halifax walk just wouldn’t happen without Lissa. Lissa said she was honoured to have been given the award, but she didn’t volunteer for the recognition. Her greatest satisfaction comes on walk day when she sees the sea of yellow t-shirts.