Join Sue Morling and Michele Desjardins for our next FamiliesConnect session: Introduction to Expressive Arts with Story Cards and Poetry, February 16, 2022  6-8 p.m. EST Registration is open to all Threads of Life family members. 

A blank piece of paper and a pen rest on a bright yellow background, framed with beautiful flowers and decorative eggsSue explains expressive arts and what to expect during the workshop:

Expressive art is all about the process of making art, not the finished product. It is a practice that invites people to respond creatively to things that matter. It uses all forms of art to authentically express ideas, thoughts and emotions which can lead to personal insights and a sense of well-being. It can involve all art forms – visual, movement, sound, poetry, and storytelling. Think of it as using a different language to express our feelings.

When coping with a work-related death, serious injury or illness, the feelings of grief and loss tend to overpower our everyday thoughts. This workshop will remind you that it’s ok to laugh and share a bit of silliness! Michele and Sue will facilitate smaller breakout groups and guide you through a storytelling adventure. You won’t know where the story is going or how it will end but you will enjoy yourself on the creative journey your group creates. You will also learn how to make easy poems using words from your story. Your creative brain will thank you for this expressive arts experience. Come join us!


We ask you to bring a sense of adventure, willingness to try something new and join in when you feel comfortable. All you will need is a piece of paper and a pen for the poetry part of the workshop. This activity is great for all ages.