Directors Peter Deines, Tracey Mino, Shelley Dauphinee, Wally Power, Erin Pitruzzella​, and Wendy-Ellen Nittel cheer for the hundreds of volunteers that make Threads of Life the caring and supportive organization it is. 

April 19 to 25 is National Volunteer Week in Canada, a time to recognize the hard work and dedication of Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers. This year’s theme of “It’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers” is one of celebration. It’s a standing ovation and a loud cheer for the tireless efforts of volunteers from coast to coast that strengthen the charitable and non-profit sector in our country.

All of us at Threads of Life are honoured to take this time to recognize the efforts of our volunteers. We are humbled by you and all that you contribute to Threads of Life. We are grateful to you, and grateful for you.

We know our volunteers don’t dedicate their time and energy for the recognition. Our Volunteer Family Guides don’t want applause…they volunteer because they know how much they can contribute to someone’s healing by listening, and being there and “getting it”.

Our volunteer speakers don’t want standing ovations. They want to prevent others from experiencing the kind of tragedy that they have experienced due to a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or illness.

Our Steps for Life volunteers and trade show volunteers don’t want accolades. They want to do what they can to raise awareness of Threads of Life in their communities, and help families get the support they need after a workplace tragedy.

That selfless desire to give back, to do more, to make life better for someone else is the premise upon which Threads of Life was started back in 2003. At that time there were just 3 volunteers. Today, we see that same generous spirit in our more than 300 volunteers.

That generous spirit resulted in 10 new Volunteer Family Guides completing training last year, and 127 speaker’s bureau presentations being delivered to over 8000 people, and hundreds of volunteers supporting a virtual Steps for Life movement across the country.

On behalf of the more than 2900 family members currently receiving support from Threads of Life, thank you to our volunteers. We applaud you. We cheer you, every day of the year.

Lorna Catrambone
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