Group of walkers in Steps for Life T-shirts is facing in the opposite direction. The back one man's T-shirt prominently displays the ACSA logo on the list of sponsors. If you were looking for a clear sign of the relationship between Threads of Life and the Alberta Construction Safety Association, you’d find it on the back of every Steps for Life t-shirt in that province. The ACSA has been a sponsor of every Alberta-based Steps for Life event for nearly a decade. But that’s only the most obvious symbol of a relationship that runs deep and plays a vital role for both organizations.

“The Alberta Construction Safety Association’s longstanding partnership with Threads of Life reinforces the need for our work, providing safety education and resources to the construction industry,” says ACSA CEO Mark Hoosein. “Threads of Life serves as a constant reminder to the ACSA team of the vital role we play each day in preventing workplace injuries and cultivating a safer workplace for everyone. We are grateful for and support their important work, providing crucial support to those affected by workplace tragedies.”

That crucial support touches on many aspects of Threads of Life’s programs. In addition to providing community-level financial support as a sponsor for Steps for Life walks, ACSA encourages its employees and volunteers to get involved in planning the event. Representatives from ACSA Regional Safety Committees help make Steps for Life events happen from Grande Prairie south to the newly-relaunched Lethbridge walk. ACSA members and staff regularly hold other fundraisers that contribute to sustaining Threads of Life’s programs, notably the annual ball hockey tournament in Edmonton, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars over its history and made many more people aware that Threads of Life exists.

ACSA has hosted Threads of Life volunteer speakers at conferences and meetings, helping to spread the word and giving family members a chance to share their stories.

Members also organize Day of Mourning ceremonies that honour those affected by workplace tragedies.

As partners, Threads of Life knows that we share with ACSA the same dedication to workplace cultures founded on health and safety.

“When a tragedy occurs,” CEO Mark Hoosein adds, “it not only affects those directly impacted, but there is a ripple effect through the workplace and the families and loved ones of those lost or severely injured on the job. Threads of Life fosters a community of healing, learning and story-sharing to help loved ones deal with their pain and help influence the prevention of future incidents.”