During World War II the Women’s Volunteer Service of England worked to help meet the needs of their fellow citizens whose homes were destroyed by bombing raids. They would prepare meals, loading them into baby prams, keeping them warm with straw or felt hats, and deliver them to those who were unable to provide for themselves. This marked the beginning of “Meals on Wheels”, a service that is known to people on many continents and continues to this day.

This is just one example of a social service program that started at the hands of a few caring volunteers who saw that they could make a difference.

It is in honour and recognition of volunteers around the world that International Volunteer Day has been celebrated each year on December 5 since 1985. Mandated by the United Nations General Assembly, it is a day to recognize volunteers and promote volunteerism globally. It is a worldwide movement to thank volunteers and recognize their successes.

The theme of International Volunteers Day 2020 is Together We Can Through Volunteering. The Women’s Volunteer Service in England clearly showed what can be accomplished through volunteerism, and would no doubt be amazed at the long-term impact of the simple act of caring about their fellow citizens.

On this International Volunteer Day, all of us at Threads of Life celebrate our volunteers, and express our heartfelt thanks for all you do to support the delivery of our programs, services and events. Threads of Life volunteers have always shown that Together We Can Through Volunteering, and contribute enormously to our growth and success.

“Volunteers are love in motion!”
~ author unknown

Blue logo of heart with text that reads Together We Can Through VolunteersThreads of Life volunteers are helping to raise the profile of our organization in Canada, so that, like Meals on Wheels, our name and services are becoming increasingly known to individuals, governments and corporations, and those families needing our help will know we are here to offer hope and healing for families of workplace tragedy.

From all of us at Threads of Life, Happy International Volunteer Day to all volunteers everywhere.

Lorna Catrambone
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