Dress up days and swear jars and more

icon outlines of 3 people with a think cloud holding 9 icons representing fundraising ideasSo many things have changed this year – how we work, care for our children, go to school, and even how we shop. Most aspects of our lives have changed, both personally and professionally. But one thing that has not changed – is the need for Threads of Life to continue to provide support programs for families who have been impacted by a workplace tragedy. 

We are continuing to deliver our much needed programs, they are just being delivered differently. Threads of Life has adapted to the current health environment we are all living in, and we have made necessary changes in order to continue supporting families through virtual programs.

We know that many of our corporate partners have also had to adapt in various ways. Some of the fundraising events they previously held to raise funds on behalf of Threads of Life are no longer possible. Threads of Life still has a need for those funds so we thought we would put on our thinking caps and share some ideas for alternate fundraising activities. Let’s consider this an opportunity to try something new and different! As a company, you can approach this from a fresh and positive perspective to provide stress relief for your employees, while at the same time fulfilling your corporate social responsibilities.  

Here are a few of the fundraising ideas you might want to consider, or you might already have some fundraising ideas of your own. We hope you’ll share those ideas with us!

  • Proceeds from sale of product/service/virtual conference/event registration fees 
  • Option to donate with payment of membership fees 
  • Donation in lieu of conference/event speaker gifts 
  • Virtual silent auction 
  • Dress up/dress down day 
  • Donation in lieu of holiday gift/card/party
  • Virtual talent show
  • Un-Gala 
  • Take Away Dinner Party Fundraiser
  • COVID-19 “swear jar” — donate a dollar for every time someone says COVID-19 or pandemic at your next staff meeting

Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss your fundraising activity plans. We have print and electronic materials that can help support your efforts, and would be happy to help raise awareness of your activity through social media.