We always say that our volunteers continue to amaze us–and we mean it!


Being in the office, I do not always interact directly with our volunteers aside from expenses or collecting reports of in-kind hours. But I am always blown away when I hear about our volunteers’ drive and willingness to do whatever is asked of them. Whether it is their first speakers bureau presentation or as their name crosses my desk multiple times in a month, the eagerness that each volunteer shows is a highlight for me.

Hundreds of volunteers make Steps for Life walks — and the Threads of Life programs they support — possible!

One specific scenario that really registered with me recently was when one of our speakers travelled to another province for a presentation. It happened to be a new city that she had never been to and she jumped at the opportunity to share her story – as she often does. When there was a slight hiccup in her travel, she found the positive in the situation and was grateful for the experience. While lots of people might have been annoyed at the inconvenience, this volunteer’s perspective was that the adjustments allowed her to see the downtown of a beautiful city that she would not have had the opportunity to otherwise see. Instead of looking at the situation and only seeing that it was not going as planned, she was thankful for the events that took place. She mentioned she views the unpredictability with a sense of adventure.

I am often at a loss for words when our volunteers are talked about. I am so thankful for each of them and their willingness to get through any obstacles that come their way. They know first-hand the importance of sharing their story and the value of making workplace safety a must in each company.

If you’re a Threads of Life volunteer, I hope you know your efforts and passion are appreciated by everyone — even the staff you might not hear from, and others you’ll never know! The way each volunteer aspires to make a statement day in and day out to get his or her message out never goes unnoticed. I for one am extremely grateful for everything each one of our volunteers does on a daily basis.

Kimberly Bondame