WCB Saskatchewan’s Grant Van Eaton, right, at the family forum with Threads of Life’s Kelley Thompson.

As we mark 15 years of work, Threads of Life has seen steady growth in our outreach and the number of families we are able to serve. That expansion is thanks to partners who open the door so that more families can participate, more volunteers can be involved, and more people can hear our messages.

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB Saskatchewan) has played a crucial role in growing Threads of Life participation in the province. In the past five years alone, the number of Saskatchewan family members has increased by more than four times, two new Steps for Life walks have started up, and a number of volunteers have been trained to be speakers or Volunteer Family Guides.

WCB Saskatchewan has committed to multi-year agreements, devoting funding to family forums, volunteer training, the speakers bureau and other forms of support for those affected by work-related tragedies.

But the WCB is one of many Threads of Life partners whose involvement encompasses much more than funding. WCB employees help to organize Steps for Life walks in Regina and Saskatoon, and facilitate sessions at family forums. The board also brings in a Threads of Life representative from time to time, to speak to front-line staff so they can share information with their clients.

“For WCB Saskatchewan, this is a partnership that just makes sense,” says Grant Van Eaton, Director of Extended Services. “Helping people find Threads of Life is one more way we can support our Saskatchewan families. And being part of Threads  of Life’s prevention initiatives lines up with our commitment to Mission Zero.”

While we all look ahead to that day when workplace tragedies are eliminated and Threads of Life is no longer needed, we’re thankful for partners who ensure our services are available to those who need them now.

Susan Haldane