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I recently had the opportunity to attend a Workplace Safety and Prevention Services conference in Thunder Bay. Partners in Prevention North brought together over 400 health and safety professionals for two days of learning and networking.

As I stood at the display table, I was able to share information about Threads of Life with quite a few people who were not aware that such an organization exists. It’s always a rewarding experience to help someone become aware of Threads of Life.

What was equally rewarding was the number of people who came up to say thanks. “Thanks for what you do.” “You guys do great work.” “What a wonderful organization.” I could only agree, and thank them for stopping by to share their thoughts.

Threads of Life is a wonderful organization. It’s a wonderful organization because of the volunteers who give their time, and share their heart, and care enough to want to make things better.

It’s a wonderful organization because of our Volunteer Family Guides who are willing to tap into their own grief to help others navigate sorrow and loss. And because of our volunteer speakers who share their stories with the goal of preventing future workplace tragedies. And because of our trade show volunteers who spend long days at a display table in order to raise awareness.

It’s a wonderful organization because of our Steps for Life committee members and day of event volunteers who work hard to plan successful events that fuel our mission. And our board members who offer guidance and leadership.

It’s a wonderful organization because of our donors and partners who believe in and support our vision through financial contributions.

Threads of Life would not be a wonderful organization without the dedication of some 350 volunteers who contribute their time, energy, heart and soul to make it that way. 

Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

And that’s pretty wonderful.

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