Man and woman dressed warmly with a Steps for Life Tshirt over their clothes clap and smileThere was no potato salad but still, Steps for Life felt like a big family reunion this spring. There was singing, and a little bit of dancing. There was food and team games. And whether the events were virtual or in person, we were just all so happy to be together again! 

And what a huge success that reunion was! Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy events were held in 27 communities from coast to coast across Canada. On top of that, many teams, organizations and individuals held their own events. All those efforts combined to smash through our fundraising goals for 2022! We weren’t sure what to expect this year, so we set what we thought was a reasonable goal – but all of you, our walkers, partners, volunteers and sponsors – showed us what can be done when you’re passionate about a cause. You truly walked together – united in commitment to health and safety and united in your support for those affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease.

Our Team Challenge participants went above and beyond too, and made a huge contribution to the fundraising success. See our list of top Challenge teams below. 

We are so grateful for that support. Every dollar represented on that Steps for Life thermometer will be used to help ease the journey for someone who has experienced a workplace tragedy – and we all know that tragedies continue to happen every single day. Over the two years of the pandemic, more than 300 new family members came to Threads of Life for support – that’s on top of the thousands we were already serving. The need is great, and your gift of your time, energy and dollars is making such an incredible difference.

A great reunion demands a lot of planning. Way back last fall we could feel the buzz of excitement and determination from our Steps for Life committee volunteers. They were utterly committed to making Steps for Life 2022 amazing. From promotion to sponsorship to logistics, they did it all. We can never find enough words to express how much we appreciate these champions. 

If you’re interested in being part of that family of passionate volunteers, please read more about the roles, or contact us for more information.

Steps for Life is over for 2022, but you can donate year-round to help families affected by workplace tragedy. And stay tuned for plans for Steps for Life 2023 – we really can’t wait to walk with you all again! 

Susan Haldane