Resources available for families, safety professionals, and employers.

Resources for Family Members

The following resources are available for download.

Brochure outlining Family Support programs and services:

Cover of brochure: Two women hugging. Text reads: You're not alone. Work-related fatality, Life-altering injury, occupational disease. Bringing hope and healing for families of workplace tragedy.

“For Families” series of resource booklets:


These guides were produced by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), in partnership with the Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta (WCB).

For Families: Survivors (07/2019)
For Families: Seriously Injured Workers (07/2019)

British Columbia

Courtesy of WorkSafe BC

Your road to recovery: A guide for seriously injured workers (external link)

HelpAdditional Links

FAIR (Fatalities and Immediate Response) Partners

The Fatalities and Immediate Response (FAIR) partnership (Ontario) is a joint project of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Bureau (WSIB), the Ministry of Labour (MOL), Threads of Life, and the Office of the Worker Advisor (OWA). The goal of the FAIR partnerships is to provide timely and comprehensive assistance to surviving families following a traumatic workplace fatality, and to families and workers following a catastrophic workplace injury resulting in severe and permanent life altering physical impairment (catastrophically injured workers).

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) provides comprehensive occupational health services to Ontario workers at clinics throughout the province.

Mental Health for Farmers

Farming can be a challenging business, not only for the physical hazards it presents, but for the stresses and pressures of coping with weather, animals, crops, pests, markets, etc. The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) has a mental health hub for farmers, with a wealth of resources to help agricultural workers achieve mental wellness.

Grief, Bereavement, and Support

Bereavement Ontario Network provides support for people who have lost an immediate family member — an infant, a child, an adult child, a parent, a brother or a sister, an adult sibling, a grandchild or a spouse. They support parents, guardians or family members helping a child grieve. They support the unique circumstances faced by survivors of violent death, survivors of completed suicide, and families seeking pregnancy after loss.

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

Canadian Virtual Hospice: Information and support on palliative and end-of-life care, loss and grief.

Kids Help Phone — 1-800-668-6868: Offers counseling in French and English to kids 4-19 and will help adults aged 20 and over to help them find the counseling resources they need. Parents, teachers and any other concerned adults are welcome to call for information and referral services.

Hummingbird Centre for Hopea resource dedicated to the unique and evolving needs of individuals who lose their spouse or partner at a young age, and encounter themselves shouldering the responsibility of raising a child or children as a widowed parent.