Threads of Life family members have such talents! Here are two poems which express the longing for what might have been, and the comfort of family – both blood family, and the extended Threads of Life family.


Who would you be

-by Paulette Raymond


Who would you be?

If life would’ve been fair

Would you be the man

That I knew you could be?

Would you be the brother

Who’d be there for me?

If only I could

I’d turn back time

To when you were happy

To when life was kind

I’d throw fate in the air

I’d fight til the end

For you to still be here

For my heart to mend


If I had one more moment

To sit by your side

I’d tell you I love you

I’d tell you goodbye



Take a breath

-by Dave Soltys


For a light will come

Show us the way home

As our family will gather

We know we aren’t alone.


While we are together

For now and forever

Lost in our thoughts

Taking us out there


When the family is together

Stronger than when we’re apart

For if anything is wrong

Together we make it far.

Susan Haldane