Make your healing gift now!

Your gift today helps to heal families and prevent future work-related tragedies.

Join a group of recurring monthly donors at the heart of our mission, who are weaving lifelines for families in need. As a member of the Tapestry of Hope, your on-going support allows us to provide vital services, support, and resources to those who are navigating the aftermath of workplace tragedies.

About your gift…

Where does the money go?

All donations go directly to providing peer support services for families living with the outcome of a workplace fatality, life-altering workplace injury, or occupational disease. Threads of Life is committed to ethical fundraising practices and financial accountability and transparency.

There are so many ways to give.

It’s important that donation options work for you. Here are some other ways to give.

Providing support for families after a workplace fatality, life-altering injury, or occupational disease is a need that continues to grow – as does the need for your support. If you would like more information, or would like to discuss your potential gift, please call us at 1-888-567-9490.