Volunteers, family members and staff at 2015 Western Family Forum

Volunteers, family members and staff at 2015 Western Family Forum

One of the great joys at Threads of Life is the day when we receive an email, or a letter, or a phone call, from someone talking about how much the organization has helped them. We cherish these messages – we pass them from one to another like a bowl of candy. They make our day, and our week.

But as Threads of Life staff, we know we are accepting this gratitude on behalf of the organization, and the organization is not us – it’s you, our amazing volunteers. Did you know Threads of Life’s volunteers gave more than 8,000 hours of time in 2015? Eight thousand hours! Those hours were spent on the phone talking to newly-bereaved families, on the road driving to events, standing before groups large and small to share a personal story, in meetings organizing a community walk or fundraising event, even in the mall picking those last few items for a family forum.

This week, April 10 to 16, is volunteer week in Canada. It’s a reminder to us that many of the good things that happen in our communities are powered by volunteers – and Threads of Life is no exception. Volunteers may be motivated by something terrible, or something amazing that’s happened in their lives. Or they may just have a simple desire to do something good.

So this week; and on all those days when we get one of those wonderful letters or emails; and on lots of other days, we say ‘thank you’ to our Threads of Life volunteers. Threads of Life is YOU, and you are changing lives. Never doubt.

Susan Haldane