Every year volunteers across Canada help Threads of Life to plan and execute the Steps for Life walk. This volunteer profile features one of those volunteers, Todd MacDonald.

Todd is a busy man. As a young father and the District HSE Manager for PCL Intracon Power in Edmonton, Todd’s plate is pretty full.
Yet this dedicated safety professional still carves out time to volunteer for several safety organizations and has been the walk chair for the Steps for Life walk in Edmonton for three years.

Todd’s affiliation with the walk began shortly after PCL became a national sponsor.  He was asked by his company to attend the walk in Edmonton. In 2013, when Steps for Life Edmonton needed a new chairperson, Todd stepped up
and he has been leading the Edmonton committee ever since. The Edmonton walk has continued to grow under Todd’s leadership and is one of the largest walks in the country. This year the Edmonton walk had 286 participants and raised more than $57,400.

Todd recalls one moment at the Edmonton walk when the need for Threads of Life really became apparent to him. “A family approached me, very upset, wondering how they could get a memory lane sign for their loved one,” he said. “That’s what gets to me; the spouses and kids who are left behind. I remember looking out in the audience that day and wondering how many families were affected. The impact on families reinforces my commitment. That is why we do what we do…”

Todd says he is most gratified when he reaches out to safety organizations and gets them to engage with Threads of Life. Recently, Todd was representing Threads of Life at a trade show in Edmonton when a spontaneous donation and auction of signed hockey jerseys resulted in a $6500 donation to Threads of Life.

Todd is but one of hundreds of volunteer across this country that make the Steps for Life Walk possible. Without the support of volunteers the walk would not exist. We thank Todd, and all of you who volunteer your time to Threads of Life and the Steps for Life walk. Your dedication is truly making a difference.

2015 Edmonton Steps for Life:


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