Image of path leading through grass to trees. Overlay of text reads: Be a part of our self-care community this summer.It’s time for YOU.

It’s easy to scroll past articles on Facebook about the importance of practicing self-care. It’s not always easy to practice self-care—and it can have a lot to do with time. What if you don’t have time? What if everything just feels too overwhelming for you to take that time? What do I have to sacrifice in order to have time to practice self-care? Questions like this are some of the biggest roadblocks to practicing self-care. The time of year can also play a role: anniversaries, birthdays, or the holidays can all bring up emotions that make it really hard to start a self-care routine. And if self-care is something new to you, the time required to incorporate it into your life might seem daunting.

A lot of those articles you see on Facebook don’t take time into account. Self-care doesn’t have to be taking a day off, or going to the spa, or saying no to everyone and everything. It can be anything that makes you feel good—or better. In the early days of grief, feeling good may feel too far out of reach, so instead reach for what hurts less and what feels kindest to yourself. All it takes is noticing everyday things. Maybe that’s your first cup of coffee or your last cup of tea. Maybe that’s taking your dog for a walk, even when it’s raining. Maybe that’s chatting with your neighbour while you’re putting out the trash. Self-care can be a part of your day without adding or taking anything away.

Self-care may be individual, but Threads of Life is a community first. This July, we’re going to come together to have a conversation about self-care—because we know that walking with others along your grief journey can make that path just a little bit brighter. Join us for a series of blog posts and discussions where we’re going to explore different ways to practice self-care, how to start a self-care routine, and what self-care looks like on days when everything feels hard. We’d love for you to be a part of our self-care community this July. Follow along with us here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram to participate!

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