Parent assists young child learning to ride a bicycle

Trying something new can be scary, but rewarding.

Whether you’re looking for a car mechanic or a cake recipe, few things carry more weight than a recommendation from someone you know and trust. Knowing that someone else – a real person in your community – has tried it and it worked for them, means a lot. Recommendations and word of mouth are one of the top ways that new family members, potential partners and others learn about Threads of Life.

But most of us have very personal reasons for being involved in Threads of Life, and talking about something so intimate can be scary. Do you recall the first time you rode a bike? The first time you tried to make bread? Well, just think back to the first time you tried something different — out of your comfort zone. Sharing the Threads of Life message the first time may seem awkward but you are the best person to deliver this message.

We want every Canadian who could benefit from Threads of Life’s programs and services, to know that we’re here for them. As someone who’s already familiar with our work, you can play a big role in that. Our next FamiliesConnect workshop will give you some tips and tricks to make speaking up a little less scary, a little more manageable.

We’ll start by talking about those awkward moments we’ve all had when someone asked “what’s Threads of Life?” and our words left us. Then we’ll try out something called the “elevator speech” – simply a formula that can help to corral those words and keep them close by, for when you need them. An elevator speech is just a few sentences that help you get your message across and engage whoever you’re speaking to. You’ll have a chance to write your own elevator speech, and hear some examples of what works for others.

We’ll also think about your personal network, about who might benefit from learning about Threads of  Life, and how you might approach them. If you’ve ever seen news of a workplace tragedy in your community, and wondered if you should reach out to the family, and how and when, we’ll brainstorm some answers to those questions as well. 

This will be a session for sharing ideas and experiences.  We all want to help others. This workshop will make you better prepared and more comfortable to help by talking to others about Threads of Life. Let’s share the healing! 

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