Jim and Pam have a big family – six children. As Pam explains, they chose that together, imagining the games, the meals, the graduations, the weddings, the grandkids. Jim was the type of dad who would send loving text messages to his daughters.

But one day in 2014, Jim didn’t come home from work, and Pam had to help her children cope with their grief, as well as manage her own. Grief is a terrible battle, she says.

When they found Threads of Life two years later, they met other people who were travelling the same road. This year Pam and her family are the national family spokespeople for Steps for Life-Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy. Sharing a little of Jim’s story is a chance to honour him, and to encourage others to participate by walking and fundraising.

“We want to make sure everyone who needs this kind of support can get it,” Pam says. “And we want to make sure everyone understands the importance of health and safety …This spring, we would love to see everyone across Canada step up and support Steps for Life. You can make such a big difference to families like ours.”

When we walk in Steps for Life, we become one big family, doing the things that families can do best – supporting, encouraging, caring. Wherever you walk this spring, #WeWalkTogether — together with the Bakers, and with all the families affected by tragedy.

To be part of the Steps for Life family:

Susan Haldane