TriWest Capital Partners provide hope for grieving families

TriWest Capital Partners logoTriWest’s partners were on a mission. A few years ago, they decided they wanted to share their company’s success and give something back to their community. They started looking for a cause they could support. And the result of that search has meant more families can find the help they need at their most painful times.

TriWest Capital Partners is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms, having made majority ownership investments in more than 30 different manufacturing, service and distribution companies, based mostly in Western Canada. From a head office in Calgary, the partners of TriWest work closely with the management teams of each portfolio company to put in place a strategy for growth, operational excellence and efficiency.

This fall, TriWest held its third annual Partner’s Forum in support of Threads of Life. The event includes a golf tournament and a focus on leadership, plus a chance to learn more about Threads of Life and our member families. Threads of Life representatives, including family members whose lives have benefitted from TriWest’s efforts, were there to offer a huge thank you to TriWest and all the participants for their support. Many of the families attending this weekend’s Western Canada Family Forum have already been touched by the TriWest partners’ generosity.

“While we contemplated supporting many different worthwhile charities,” says Lorne Jacobson, co-founder and senior managing director of TriWest, “it seemed like the most appropriate focus was on workplace health and safety, given the heavy industrial environment in which TriWest portfolio companies typically operate.  Everyone knows someone personally who has been touched by a tragic workplace accident, and we have even experienced losses within our own portfolio companies.  We knew that the cause of workplace health and safety would also resonate with our management teams and our service providers, and it is a cause that should be championed with more publicity and focus.”

Since 2013, TriWest has adopted Threads of Life as its charity of choice, raising well over $100,000 per year through a forum and golf tournament for its portfolio companies and suppliers. This support has covered the costs for many families to attend family forums, and for volunteers to be trained as volunteer family guides, to offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on for others following a workplace tragedy.

“TriWest came to us out of the blue and asked how they could help,” says Threads of Life’s executive director Shirley Hickman. “Since then, their contributions have helped to change the future for many families – by providing services to families already coping with a workplace tragedy, and hopefully by helping us prevent future tragedies.”

From TriWest’s point of view, “we have been very happy with our sponsorship of Threads of Life that we are achieving our goal of helping individuals in need in a time of personal crisis, and also helping to raise awareness of the importance of workplace health and safety,” Jacobson said.

This post is based on an article originally published in the Fall 2015 newsletter.

Susan Haldane