July 24 marked International Self-Care Day. Dedicating a day to celebrating self-care and what it can do is certainly beneficial—for some people, maybe this day will be the first time that they will hear about self-care. Over the past month, we’ve explored the many different facets of self-care. From how to start practicing self-care to how to practice self-care on days that are hard, we hope that no matter where you started, you’ve learned something new. In this last week of our self-care month, it’s time to tackle one of the hardest parts of self-care: keeping it going for more than just one day.

One of the most common sayings around self-care is that “you have to put your own mask on first”. While self-care is an amazing emergency oxygen mask, it can also function as a daily vitamin. Taking a daily vitamin of self-care is essential to making those moments of emergency fewer and further between. When we are dialed in to our bodies and minds, we get better at recognizing our triggers, knowing when hard days might be coming up, and being able to keep ourselves breathing without that oxygen mask.

As our self-care month draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how we practice self-care year round. It’s more than just a day, even when that day is called International Self-Care Day. It’s a part of your journey, another tool to keep in your backpack and help you along the road. It’s the oxygen mask AND the daily vitamin. Some of the things we’ve already shared throughout our self-care month will help make self-care a part of your routine. Choosing bite-size self-care that is easy to fit in to our daily lives is one of those ways. You can also look for things you already do that give you a sense of peace, even if that’s just having a cup of tea on the couch or taking a long shower. Making that mindset shift to prioritizing self-care and leaving guilt behind is one of the more difficult aspects of self-care, but an important one. And having self-compassion and giving yourself grace on days that feel hard will help build self-care into your routine in a sustainable way.

We hope you learned something new about self-care over the course of this month, and that self-care becomes a part of your routine for more than just one day.

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