2018 written with sparklers against a lake at night2018 was an important year for Threads of Life. This year, we marked 15 years as an organization—a decade and a half of supporting families living with the ripple effects of a workplace tragedy. Today, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our highlights of 2018.

At Threads of Life, we are working to change Canada’s workplace culture to ensure that no new families know the pain of a workplace tragedy—while the other half of our mission is to support the families already living with that pain. In 2018, 31 new families joined us at family forums from coast to coast to share stories, tears, and healing with us. We know that our family members look forward to our family forums as a chance to connect with others who share their grief and we know that each of those 31 new families felt that connection, too.

This year, our family members participated in the development of a new safety ad campaign. This ad will reach all of Atlantic Canada and focuses on how workplace injuries hurt the most at home—something our family members experience daily. Awareness of Threads of Life is growing across Canada and our strong partnerships with government and industry are helping us change our national culture to ensure the economic, social and moral costs of workplace tragedy are eliminated.

Our Steps for Life walk is always a highlight for us, no matter what the year! It’s a chance to come together with families, friends and communities to raise awareness about the effects of workplace tragedy on families. 2018 was our biggest year ever for Steps for Life; not only did we launch a new website and a new public service announcement, we raised $750K+ that will go directly to supporting our programs.

Every year, our blog features writing by our staff, volunteers, board members, and family members. Sometimes, those posts touch us (and all of you) deeply. Alex Tuff’s reflection on turning the same age his brother Kris was when he was killed in an industrial accident at work was our most read blog post of the year—a touching reminder of approaching milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays that are forever changed.

For our staff, this year was a year of change and opportunity. We are still a young organization, yet this year we said goodbye to staff who have been dedicated to the organization for many years. We also welcomed new staff in 2018. Throughout these changes, our team came together to support one another, welcoming and embracing new opportunities, new challenges, and growth.

We are so grateful for every family member, partner, and community member with whom we connected in 2018—online and offline! We look forward to walking with you through the ups and downs, challenges and success of 2019.

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